End of Life (EOL) for obsolete products

All outdated zebNet product generations have now reached EOL status.

New Updates available (Windows 11 compatibility)

We just released a bunch of updates that make our products compatible with Windows 11 so the upcoming Windows 11 is already supported by the current product line.

New Product Generation is now Available

Our backup solutions for web browsers and email clients are now available in new versions.

New free updates available

New free updates are now available for our current products.

Windows 10 compatibility information

As of 16/08/2015, zebNet's current product line is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 10.

New free updates available

New free updates are now available for our software products

NewsTurbo now with Trash Email Protection

NewsTurbo now protects your email marketing campaigns effectively from trash email addresses and saves your resources.

Platform updates for zebNet TNG Products are now available

We just released platform updates for our TNG products that can be downloaded for free.

New free updates available

We just released new free updates for our current product generation that can be downloaded for free.

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